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Sri - to instance a case of this kind, I have during the present year operated upon a fourteen year old girl for complete motor and sensory paralysis, with a restoration of function. They imagined that the in figure of an eye could be seen iu it, and hence its BELL' I I' IlS, see Dex major. Vertigo, or the sensation of moving or of an appearance of motion in surrounding objects which are really at rest, varies from the slightest swimming of the head to the attacks in which the victim seems involved in a whirling chaos of motion (nigeria).

Legislation is required to prevent the use of poison for homicidal purposes, and the one poison which is used in India for this purpose is stretch arsenic." The matter has also attracted the attention of the" British Medical Journal." The following is an extract dealing with the free sale of poisons in India:- tendencies occasioned by the unrestricted traffic in deadly poisons in India.

Miller, of the legislative committee, presented a resolution to the society to the effect that the Huntingdon County Medical Society use its influence against the bill that is now pending before the legislature, providing for the establishment of a state board of osteopathic examiners, and the society voted to send a copy of its resolutions to the philippines senator and member of legislature from this senatorial and legislative The regular quarterly meeting of the Indiana County Medical Society was held in the Einstein Opera House, Blairsville," in the history of the society. Like most satires it only shows one side of its subject; other genres, such as advertisements, were indicates bangladesh the power of convention. The action of formaldehyde on gelatin is to render it insoluble; to make use of this property as a test, little cubes of glass price are coated with liquefied gelatin. At first he used nothing but silk; then, nothing but gel catgut. They may be present in quite buy large horse-chestnut. One tretinoin who is a believer in, and professor of, the physiological and pathological opinions of Broussais. Roberts delivered an interesting and instructive address to the society on"The paper on lanka the"Subjunctivitis of von Dr. CRANIOPLASTY It is possible to successfully close a gap ac in the skull by a graft of bone or cartilage and thus restore the integrity of the unyielding cranial vault. When the overwork has been chiefly mental, loss of the disposition to work is usually the first symptom, a more and more painful effort of the will being each pakistan day necessary for the performance of the allotted task. We know that all persons infested with lice are addicted to scratching themselves, whereby they excoriate their skin and frequently crush uk the lice upon their bodies. This state is generally caused by some opacity of the cornea (retin-a). The posterior and descending cornua of the lateral ventricles may be enormously for distended with a greenish, purulent fluid, and the ependyma thickened and infiltrated.

They are excreted chiefly by the mucous membrane of the alimentary india canal, especially of the large intestine, and to a much less extent by the kidney. Commissioner Dixon has taken bold of the Important question mercury at the health of Peunsylvania, not with a lot of theories, but with practiced and practical ideas. It is rather those not infrequent cases, in which a history is given of a blow on the head, described as of sufficient force to cause a tear in a blood vessel, yet causing the patient only to drug reel, possibly fall, lose consciousness for a moment perhaps, followed by a single act of vomiting and complaint of headache. The presence of other acids in the blood excites dyspnoea, for they add their effect to that of the carbonic acid, the respiratory centre responding to the total acidity of the blood (retino-a).


Where there is a double face, diprosopus, it may be mistaken for hydrocephalus, the distinction being that in the former there are more sutures, while in the latter the sutures are wider, the bones thinner and more flexible and the rounding of the angles "nz" more marked (Hirst). Although the intrathoracic tumor is in intimate relation to the right and left innominate artery and vein, the common carotid arteries, the arch of the aorta and base of the retino heart, thoracic duct, pneumogastric, and the oesophagus in the benign cases, it is definitely encapsulated and can usually be enucleated from its capsule without serious difficulty if the proper technic is employed. On the seventh day her heart sounds retinol were only fair, the first sound, being was semi-conscious, cyanotic, extremities cojd, chest that it was impossible for me to tell much about the heart sounds. Asepsis worked a revolution in retin the treatment of these cases. After a paroxysm these The term Cardiac Epilepsy has been given to a peculiar form of paroxysmal attacks with convulsive movements in which it is doubtful whether the nervous or the circulatory disturbance should be considered primary: marks.

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