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Bromide - munsey, who recently purchased and reorganized the Washington Times, is worthy of special commendation, and sets an example for good which it is much to be hoped may not be unheeded by other editors. The author has revised the work carefully, and that there might be no restriction on this, overdose the entire book has been reset in new type. Thus breeders are careful to put sows to boars not at all related and we find the pig of the present day remarkably -exempt from scrof ulosis: gravis.

A sound was introduced into the uterine cavity, and the uses foreign body was then detected. Howard on, Fnenum linguje, haemorrhage after division of Gall-bladder obstructed by calculus, sijeciracn of Galvano- caustic knife, a new, mg ISO Mr. With our knowledge to-day that man's blood is a lunch counter and incubator for ex-tenants of some wandering mosquito, and that these intruders are tablets not doctrinaires of" race suicide," but exponents of the" standing room only" principles. Comprising ten volumes on the year's progress in and Medicine and Surgery. Supposing that a person unable to use his arm, the humerus being dislocated, presents himself to any one for cure, and that this person is no better than wliat we call in the country a for bone-setter. The parenchymatous changes which are common to both diseases have already been sufficiently con the heart failure is the result of the prolonged high temperature, or the heart power, although the evidences dose of parenchymatous degeneration of the heart may not be present. The French and the Swedish masseurs have wasted much ingenuity in subdividing the several manipulations with great subtlety, and some operators perform a great variety of what can only be called ornamental movements, fantastic flourishes and airy graces, like the affectations of In the consideration of the force and frequency 60 of application desirable in any particular case, the usual direction to the student of massage must be remembered, namely, that his mind is to be given not to the movements his hands are making, but to the tissues upon which he is operating and the effect he wishes to produce.

Effects - the prognosis is more unfavorable when it occurs with a history of nervous disease in the family, when the early symptoms are serious and constant. Sometimes it is only by such measures that we recognize impending dangers, and perhaps combat Rotch says:" The higher the temperature at the beginning of the generic disease the more active the symptoms, and the shorter the prodromal period several degrees in the temperature does not always indicate improvement.


In side gout there is a history of high living, or an hereditary predisposition; m rheumatism there will be a history of exposure or exhaustion. Childers said the superintendent, mate, and mariners at Portsmouth formed the crew of the hulk stitioned there to receive persims from ships coming from abroad in a dangerous condition (pyridostigmine).

Hence it may be inferred that the slight humidity incident to many sections of this country can be always made of available in the treatment of phthisis. In both cases, the ovum was thrown ofT without suffering by either patient, after one or two In concluding his paper, he remarks that its anodyne effect is probably due to the quieting action exerted upon the spinal nerves supplying the uterus: (mestinon). If timespan the skin be broken it is difficult to apply electrical treatment, as it produces a good deal of pain in the excoriated surfaces. The destruction of bacterial myasthenia life is assisted by the innate germicidal and antitoxic power of the serum, plasma, or lymph found in many animals, and by the phagocytic properties of the wandering cells.

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